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Taco-ncept in Blue Corn Homemade Tortilla

the new concept

Today the dream is a reality! We’ve transformed it into a Vibrant fun place to hang out and eat awesome tacos, burritos, tortas or anything else on our menu made from scratch with premium ingredients like Angus ribeye, free range chicken and homemade tortillas. Our tacos are a steal at around $3. Don’t forget to try our signature mixed drinks and ENJOY!!

capo's Tacos concept
Old School Mexican Dining in a Modern Vibrant Atmosphere!

In Latino culture family members know each other by the nickname, Capote was my nickname and they shortened it to Capo as I grew up. Capo means gangster in English and with the history of Hot Springs in reference to gambling in the ’60s and Al Capone there were actual Capos and mafia members in this town they came to hide out here. The connection between the name and the gangsters was a perfect blend = Capo’s Tacos. We are mixing old school dining like the handmade corn tortillas and the slow-cooked meats and vegetables just like my mom who is a fantastic cook used to cook them, in a modern 2018 setting where you have vibrant music and a vibrant atmosphere mixed with old school cooking.

This has never been done in Hot Springs and Capo’s Tacos is bringing that to the table, like when you vacation in Mexico and you eat street tacos in Puerto Vallarta or Michoacán but in this modern vibrant atmosphere. Every region in Mexico has its own flavor and own way of cooking, no different than the 50 states in the US and their own version of their dishes so coming from the state of Michoacán Capo's Tacos reproduces something that is authentic to my parents’ home state that gives this old time era a new school feel! Quality was the most important factor with my aunt and uncle when they started the first Mexican restaurant in Hot Springs in 1988 and their integrity was passed down to me and is my passion.

we have
200 Higdon Ferry Rd.
Hot Springs, AR
71913 USA
Mon thru Thru: 11-9
Fri & Sat: 11-10
Sun: 11-3 Brunch Only
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